Mechanics, Training & The Evolution Of Systems

Dive into the evolution of blocking systems and how the speed of offense has forced them to change over time. We will explore the blocking moves necessary for different systems for both your Middle Blockers and Wing Blockers.

Once we have a clear understanding of what to teach, we will dive into how to teach some of these essential skills to take your team to the next level. 

What we will cover

  • Blocking Systems
  • MB Blocking Technique
  • z4 & z2 Blocking Technique
  • Training Ideas
  • Interactive Community


Detailed analysis using video outlining the important parts of each block move needed for your Middle Blockers and Wing Blockers


Ideas to improve your training using external feedback, variability and themed 6 on 6. 
Meet the instructor

Jamie Morrison

Throughout a 20 year coaching career spanning all levels from the USA Men's and Women's National Team to coaching 16 & Under club volleyball, Jamie has soaked up knowledge from some of the greatest minds in volleyball. He hopes to share some of that knowledge with you in this course.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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